The Watchman of Westport

The Watchman of Westport

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Ethan is a curious little boy who lives in the town of Westport on the west coast of Ireland. One day, while visiting his grandparents, his grandad tells him a story about a giant who lives in ‘The Clock’ tower in the middle of the town. Join Ethan on his journey to find this mysterious giant and experience a story of true kindness and love.

The Watchman of Westport is an original publication, written and illustrated by Westport local, Shelly O’Neill. 

Shelly O’Neill is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Westport, Co. Mayo who spent much of her childhood in her grandparent’s house on High Street, Westport – right next to ‘The Clock’ tower.

These early years and her grandfathers stories gave her inspiration for this story. She truly believed there was a giant living in ‘The Clock’. It would certainly explain the door at the back!

Her grandparent’s house and her memories are real.

The giant? … Well, do you believe?

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